Contribution Guidelines#

Label Sleuth is an open source project committed to bringing NLP model creation to domain experts. The guide below provides information on how you can join the Label Sleuth community in this goal.

How can I contribute?#

There are multiple ways to contribute to the project:

Reporting Bugs#

To report a bug, please open a bug issue in the issue tracker. To make it easier for the community to address the issue, please provide a detailed description of it and include steps to reproduce it.

Requesting New Features#

If you have an idea about an enhancement or new feature, please open a feature request/enhancement issue in the issue tracker.

Contributing Code#

Contributor License Agreement#

Before contributing to the project, all contributors must sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). By signing the CLA, you are attesting that you are the author of the contribution and you are freely contributing it under the terms of the Apache-2.0 license.

To this end, when submitting a Pull Request, please include a copy of the Developer’s Certificate of Origin 1.1 along with your Pull Request.

Working on Issues#

While not required, it is good practice to ensure before you start working on a code change that what you will be working on is captured in an issue. This allows the community to be aware of what everyone is working on and provide input before you spend time on the actual change.

Pull Requests#

We use GitHub pull requests to accept contributions. Once submitted, the pull request will be reviewed by the community as explained below.

Code Review#

Code review of pull requests is open to anyone. While only maintainers can merge pull requests, community feedback on pull requests is very valuable. It can also be helpful in becoming acquainted with the codebase. You can find a list of open pull requests here.

Asking for Help/Feedback#

If you are working on the code and need help finishing it or would want to get input from the community on the approach that you are following, you can create a Work In Progress pull request. To this end, prefix the title of your pull request with the “[WIP]” string. This will inform the reviewer that the code is not final. It also means that the pull request will not be merged. When the pull request is ready to be reviewed for merging, the reviewer or you can remove the “[WIP]” prefix.

Good First Issues#

If you want to contribute to Label Sleuth and do not know where to start, take a look at the issues tagged with the good first issue label. These have been reviewed by other contributors and identified as self-contained issues that are suitable for a first contribution. You can find a list of currently open issues with this label here.